Our Team


Meet the dedicated professionals behind the scenes at Federation.


Gustavo Rymberg

Chief Executive Officer

E-mail: grymberg@jewishhamilton.org

Phone: (905) 648-0605 (extension 305)



Elaine Levine

Campaign Director

E-mail: elevine@jewishhamilton.org

Phone: (905) 648-0605 (extension 303)

Wendy Schneider

Editor | Hamilton Jewish News

E-mail: wschneider@jewishhamilton.org

Phone: (905) 628-0058

Ron Nusca

Financial Administrator

E-mail: rnusca@jewishhamilton.org

Phone: (905) 648-0605 (extension 302)



Jackie Stirling


E-mail: jstirling@jewishhamilton.org

Phone: (905) 648-0605



Aimee Wigley

Child, Family & Camp Program Coordinator

E-mail: aimee@hamiltonjcc.com

Phone: (905) 648-0613 (Extension 307)



Leslie Selevan

Program Coordinator

E-mail: lselevan@jewishhamilton.org







Ivana Carlosena

Digital Marketing and Social Media