Board of Directors


We are pleased to present our Board of Directors and thank them for their work and dedication to the Hamilton Jewish Federation.


Jacki Levin


Chief Executive Officer
Gustavo Rymberg  


Executive Committee

Howard Eisenberg - Vice President

Janis Criger - Administration

Lorne Rochwerg - Treasurer



Adam Norris

Alice Mendelson
Arie Pekar

Daniel Hershkowitz

Jason Waxman

Josh Rauchwerger

​Georgina Rosenberg

Laura Wolfson

Lowell Richter

Mike Dressler
Peter Smurlick


Committee Chairs


The Board of Directors of the Hamilton Jewish Federation recognized some of the challenges that our community is now facing and it may face in the near future. The following new committees are now in place to address those emerging challenges;

The Grow Hamilton Committee

Chaired by Laura Wolfson

The Grow Hamilton Committee’s core mission is to attract and welcome newcomers to the Hamilton Jewish community. Outreach to those who would consider moving to Hamilton, and welcoming families and individuals who have moved or are in the process of moving to Hamilton.


The Strategic Planning Committee

Chaired by Howard Eisenberg

To address the future needs of our community, establish new goals and look at how Hamilton Jewish Federation has to change in order to meet the needs of the new generations.


The Advocacy and Community Engagement Committee

Chaired by Larry Levin

Will work at developing good relations with other faith and cultural groups in the community; deal with media when necessary and develop an emergency response team and protocol to deal with urgent issues relating to our community.


The Jewish Education Committee

Chaired by Alice Mendelson

The Education Comittee is dedicated to strengthening, enriching, and promoting the quality of Jewish education in our community; and will ensure its continuity by providing leadership and supporting a sustainable system of quality programs.


Holocaust Education

Chaired by Arlie Singer 


SNAP (Special Needs Advisory Project)

Chaired by Anita Bernstein

Committed to supporting individuals with special needs by promoting equity, inclusion, and opportunities within the Hamilton Jewish Community. This committee includes a broad spectrum of professionals from the Hamilton Jewish Community. Members of SNAP are representatives from religious life, recreation, education, social services, the disability sector, Federation, persons with lived experience, and advocates.