In a world filled with unprecedented need, Federation not only rose to the occasion, but thrived.


We were able to do so because of the generous support we have received in the past.


This year, we will continue to reach out to those in need, find innovative ways to engage with our community and make sure good grows at home, in Israel and around the world.


Just as we have in the past. Just as we will in the future.


Because together, we are here for good.

The work we do is essential to making sure that the more than 90 years of good that Hamilton Jewish Federation has become synonymous with, will have the support and enthusiastic participation of a new generation of Jews excited about their heritage and homeland, and ready to pass those traditions on to the generations that will follow them.



The Hamilton Jewish Federation, YOUR FEDERATION is here for good. But good doesn’t just happen on its own. It comes from you, our supporters, who are dedicated to the promise of a flourishing Jewish future.


Please do your good today.