You’re the parent of a developmentally delayd child in his 20s and you’re both looking for services and thinking ahead to the time when you can no longer care for him. What are your options? 

Thankfully there’s an organization in town working on finding solutions to exactly this dilemma. Beth Tikvah,  located at 81 Arkell St.  in Westdale, offers service to people with developmental disabilities within a Jewish context. The home is funded by the Ministries of Housing and Social Services and the Hamilton Jewish Federation, and administered by Toronto’s Reena Foundation.

 While most of Beth Tikvah’s clientele are well into middle age or beyond, the organization is very aware that there is a segment of the developmentally delayed population whose needs are not currently being met.

“There are a number of young families in our community who have children with special needs — and that can be anything falling within the autism spectrum to kids that have serious developmental issues,” said Beth Tikvah chair, Frank Simkevitz.  “Most parents of children with disabilities try to deal with it on their own.  If it’s not too severe, they’ll try to put them through the normal system and try to achieve as much as possible with a normal life style.  But it’s not always possible. “

Beth Tikvah’s long-term goals include acquiring a second residence to service  a younger population and provide respite for families in stress.