Volunteers are the ones who drive the Annual Community Campaign and other initiatives and programs.
We are grateful to have your support and deeply appreciate your efforts. Without your dedication, we would not succeed. In fact, our community as a whole could not succeed.
We need this extra effort because the hard truth is that our campaign needs to grow to meet the increasing needs of our community.
We know we can do this; we are a strong team! We can make the 2018 Together Campaign a huge success. Thank you for your commitment and support.



Because of you, our community continues to grow, provide and strengthen. Whether you are a new or experienced canvasser, we want to provide you with all the tools and tips to help with your job.

Canvassing is about building relationships. Here are some easy steps to help bring meaning to your canvasses and to help maximize their impact.


Where campaign donations are spent.



If you would like to request more information, we are here to help!

Reach out to Gustavo Rymberg by E-Mail or Call Now




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