We have everything we'd ever want within five minutes

Liora Malka's husband had been commuting to Hamilton from Toronto for 6 years before his company's move to Brantford precipitated the family's move to Ancaster, a suburb of Hamilton, in 2001.

"The kids are really happy. My husband works 15 minutes away " , she said about the move.

"The biggest plus is the programs for the kids. I put them in horseback riding camp, which I wouldn't have been able to do in Richmond Hill because there weren't those facilities there. They've taken courses at the Dundas Valley School of Art,  gone to sports fitness camp,  and are involved in hockey and baseball. You don't have to look far to find a children's program and many of them are based in Ancaster. In terms of growth and development for the children, it's been amazing."

"Hamilton doesn't have a great reputation but it's absolutely beautiful, especially Ancaster," she said. "The conservation areas are just beautiful. Every Friday our kids go on a hike through their school and there are so many trails that they've been on."

Liora has even grown accustomed to dealing with the Hamilton jokes from family members in Toronto.

"We talk to our families and they make fun of us that we're in Hamilton.

‘How do you like living in the boonies?' they ask us. Well, we're not living in the boonies. We have everything you'd ever want within 5 minutes. It's almost like living in the country because we've got fresh air. We've got everything you'd ever want, right here."