Choosing Hamilton

Avi and Baila Vaturi

The Vaturi Family


The cast: Avi (33), Baila (31), Esmeralda (9), Moshe (7), Rachel (2) and Yonah (2)


In Hamilton:
The Vaturis moved to Hamilton in Sept. 2012 from London, Ontario. Originally from Toronto, the Vaturis lived in London for three years while Avi …

Canada's best kept secret!

The year was 1999 when Sigal Balshine and David Earn, postdoctoral fellows living in Cambridge, England, received the news that both had found positions at McMaster University. The couple had made a deal that wherever the first one got an academic job, the other would follow. Neither of them…

We have everything we'd ever want within five minutes

Liora Malka's husband had been commuting to Hamilton from Toronto for 6 years before his company's move to Brantford precipitated the family's move to Ancaster, a suburb of Hamilton, in 2001.

"The kids are really happy. My husband works 15 minutes away " , she said about the move.